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We popped by the BIG BEAR BISTRO & BAR on 20 May 2014 (Tuesday).
- Located at 2 Tan Quee Lan Street, Primero Place, Singapore 188091.

What struck us was the cosy and quaint little eatery and bar, and the friendly-looking Big Bear logo that reminded us of the animated movie ‘Brother Bear’. The place gave us a feeling of warmth and familiarity.


We got a taste of the mains and dessert – prepared by Chef Victor Woon.

Below are some of the items on the menu:


1) Moscato Chicken ($26)
– This dish was accompanied with wild mushrooms, roasted potatoes and infused in Italian Moscato wine.
– Personally, we felt that this dish bore a resemblance to traditional Chicken Stew, served with roasted potatoes that complement the fresh, tender stewed chicken.
– A wonderful home-style Western Chicken dish for that home on the ranch feeling!

2) BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($35)
– This dish was accompanied with Baked Potatoes, Braised Purple Cabbage and Sautéed Garlic.
– We found it interesting that the garlic was served in peeled whole sautéed cloves, instead of the usual diced garlic. The baby ribs were generously coated with sweet Barbeque sauce.
– The serving size was generous, and we could share this dish amongst three people! Talk about BIG portions!

3) Zesty Apple Crumble ($12)
– This was our ultimate favourite! Other restaurant patrons who saw us order this dish followed suit and ordered the same thing as us, attracted just by the mere appearance of this humble yet tasty dish alone!
– When we bit into the cookie crumbles, together with the Artisan Vanilla ice cream, our taste buds received a surge of delight. Each crumb was infused in aromatic graham bits of fragrance, which gave a slight crunch with every bite.
- You have got to order this when you head on over to Big Bear Bistro & Bar!


You will feel absolutely welcomed with the friendly service staff and warm welcome.
Head on over to the Big Bear Bistro & Bar today!



Big Bear Bistro & Bar

2 Tan Quee Lan Street

Singapore 18809

(Opposite Nando’s from Bugis Junction)

Tel: 6884 7619

Facebook Page:




When East Meets West On The Go @ SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS (near Raffles MRT)!





You’ve heard of Burritos, but have you ever tried a SUSHI BURRITO?

The succession of the flagship SUSHI BURRITO store (located at: 100 Tras Street, #01-06, 100 AM Shopping Mall, Singapore 079027), the SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS has found its presence overlooking the city centre’s skyline and traffic below, perched above the OUE LINK, located at:

62 Collyer Quay, #02-12
OUE LINK (connecting Clifford Centre and OUE Tower. Exit at Raffles MRT, Exit C)
Singapore 049325



The TORI KATSU BREAD + TEA/COFFEE Breakfast Set for only $6.90









We absolutely love the:

1)  HOT CHICK Buritto (only $4.90 for a half roll, $9.30 for a full roll)
– The flavor of the chicken just oozed out with every crunchy bite, with the light and refreshing crisp purple cabbage and fresh green lettuces complementing each bite! Simply delightful!

2)  Veggie Green Burrito ($5.30 for a half roll, $10.30 for a full roll), as well as the Wasabi chips & Potato Salad
– This vegetarian burrito certainly gave me a pleasant surprise: it did not taste vegetarian at all, and the crunch from the combined textures of the generous serving of mushrooms, Inari tofu skin, tomatoes, avocado and cucumber slices felt as if I was biting into real meat (this is perfect for new vegetarian and vegan converts too!), peppered with Temp Katsu toppings! Totally healthy and fresh!

3) Smoked Duck fresh salad (only $6.90 for a large tub)
– The iceberg lettuce and fresh-cut Japanese cucumbers brought balance to the savory flavor of the tender smoked duck and its succulent, smooth sauce.

4) Tori Katsu Bread (the Tori Katsu Bread + Tea/Coffee breakfast set is going at only $6.90 a set!).
– We absolutely LOVE the light, fluffy crunch of the deep fried Tori Katsu: the oil used was fresh and heat hot enough to result in this non heavy greasy but LIGHT crispy texture. The white bread is also very light and fluffy, and look: the set comes with 3 big and juicy pieces of Tori Katsu Bread (THICK chicken pieces!) and a hot drink (tea/coffee) – What a Steal!

– They have fresh salmon sashimi salad too (Salads cost only $6.90 to $7.90 for a large tub!)! You should also try the NU Fruit Smoothie to go along with your meal!

– We also LOVE how the burritos were each served in pretty Japanese wooden crates that had the burnt etching of the SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS logos on them. These mini wooden crates resemble the boxes that hold traditional Japanese sake wines!

– SUSHI BURRITO and SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS are known for their unique homemade kitchen blend Plum & Goma sauces, which makes up the secret to their great tasting burritos and snacks!

– You will be spoilt for choices from a gamut of innovative creations like crabby crunch, rising sun, rainbow shrimp, flaming dragon, rainbow and veggie dragon.



SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS is about Healthy food on the go!
– It’s a unique combination of fusion Japanese and Mexican! Where else can you grab a platter of fresh Salmon Sashimi, Sushi Burritos, Salads, Tori Katsu, or even dessert like Tofu-Green Tea cake?
– They even have a calories counting tables beside every food item on the menu (Thumbs up all Office Ladies!)!

Fashionable and Stylish office ladies will certainly LOVE this place: the food display looks all so pretty like a fashion boutique display!
The Shocking Pink branding color from the SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS logo resembles the pink sweet decorative sauce used in Japanese treats like Sushis and Makis, and the brand color stamps its strong identity in the product packaging, to the interior decor and collateral. The entire interior feels like a contemporary New York – Japanese fusion cafe.
– The smart design of the furniture reveals foldable table tops that fold in to be kept away to make space for diners, or folded out if diners are too shy to look at themselves in the mirror.

Now, the taste of the delectable burritos go beyond what we ever imagined.
These convenient hand-held size burritos really brought waves of electricity jolting through our taste buds and neurons.

Did you manage to catch our lovely Sherry (founder of SUSHI BURRITO EXPRESS) on The Sunday Times, Invest section, Pages 31 and 34 (11 May 2014, Sunday)?

Do read the news article below:

SundayTimes_01 SundayTimes_02 SundayTimes_03 SundayTimes_04 SundayTimes_05

Experience the FRESH, LOW-CARB, CONVENIENT & DELICIOUS Mexican-Japanese On The Go Taste!

Sherry Ang (Managing Yakuza, Founder, Sushi Burrito) at: Phone: 9003 3996 Email: sherry@sushiburrito.com.sg
About Sushi Burrito
Sushi Burrito is a healthy Japanese fast food restaurant that offers a broad selection of freshly rolled burrito sized sushi rolls. One can experience the fusion of Mexican and Japanese crusine characteristics through the strong burst of flavours in every bite. Sushi Burrito Express opened its doors in May 2014, and aims to recreate the sushi eating experience by serving healthy and delicious meals on the go.
For more information, please visit us at www.sushiburrito.com.sg or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sushiburritosg

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We had our food tasting at the Makiway Japanese casual dining restaurant at #01-02 of Katong Shopping Centre on 22 April 2014 (Thursday)!

– We absolutely love the Smoked Salmon Cheese Maki (only $8 for a generous sliced Maki roll topped with Ebiko shrimp roe!), Fried Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings with Waffle Fries (Only $8.90 for 6 pieces), & Teriyaki Chicken With Meatball Ramen (only $13.50!)!

1) Smoked Salmon Cheese Maki (only $8 for a generous sliced Maki roll topped with Ebiko shrimp roe!)
– The slices of Maki were all evenly cut and the rice used was genuine Japonica Uruchima rice, cooked just right and compressed with just the right amount of pressure into neat slices of seaweed wrapped Maki slices.
– The flavor and texture of the cream cheese complimented the pieces of smoked salmon in the Maki

2) Fried Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings  (Only $8.90 for 6 pieces)  / 15 Pieces of Hot & Spicy Wings + Waffle Fries + 3 Bottles of Japanese Beer @ $42.50
– The deep fried chicken wings were served to us PIPING HOT (we could literally see the hot steam smoking out from the wings), but we were so busy taking photos of the delicious looking chicken wings that we only got to eat them much later on. We were surprised that despite having had our chicken wings ‘wait out’ for us, the wings were still very crispy and we even heard the crunch while we sank our teeth into them. The oil used to fry the chicken wings were hot enough to give the wings a light texture and not feel oily.
– We absolutely LOVE the Waffle Fries! They taste like the traditional fresh fried potato crisps of old!

3) Teriyaki Chicken With Meatball Ramen (only $13.50!)
– We love the miso soup base, and the best part of the deal is that it contains lots of delicious crispy Teriyaki Chicken and you can even ask the chef to customize the soup thickness (less salty/ more salty) and texture of the ramen noodles (soft/hard).
– The serving came with a generous portion of seaweed that was decorated at the sides of the bowl like a fan!

4)  Soft Shell Crab Maki (only $8 for a generous sliced Maki roll!)
– The slices of Maki were all evenly cut and the rice used was genuine Japonica Uruchima rice, cooked just right and compressed with just the right amount of pressure into neat slices of seaweed wrapped Maki slices.
– The soft shell crab pieces were fried to a light and fluffy crisp, the way we love it!

5) Green Garden Salad (only $6.90!)
– We love that the salad was generously sprinkled with lots of sunflower seeds, raisins and cherry tomatoes!

– Check out the daily $5.90 meal specials! Add only $1 for soup!
– Makis start from only $7, Bento Set from just $8.90, and Kids’ Meal from just $4.90!
– You can also order the huge serving of Premium Maki Platter of 48 pieces of Maki (Seafood) for any party occasion, for just $57.80
– Makiway also serves Japanese Flower Tea for just $5.90 for a pot, which is not commonly found in most Japanese restaurants in Singapore
– There is even a MAKIWAY LOYALTY CARD: Get 1 FREE Maki Roll with every 10 Maki Rolls purchased!
– Look at the pretty Maki takeaway boxes! You’ll end up collecting all!
– Delivery is FREE for catering orders of $100 and above (prices according to the menu)!
– FREE FLOW of sliced hard boiled eggs with any Ramen order (dine-in only)

– Makiway uses the latest state-of-the-art technology in making its perfectly packed and sliced maki and sushi – using the SUZUMO maki and sushi moulding and slicing machines from Japan, a huge investment the founders of Maki Way Francis and Betty both believe in. Says Francis,
“We believe in giving our customers high quality food that is presentable of a restaurant standard, but at a much more affordable price that everyone can enjoy.”

– All food is freshly prepared upon each order, freshness guaranteed.

Makiway is the PERFECT stopover for friends and families, and you’ll be happy to know that you can order your food and dine in at the Family Karaoke Centre just opposite the Maki Way restaurant!


Makiway is designed based on the concept of the Japanese train station – a stopover for everyone young and old. From the familiar train signs, to the yellow barricade lines and the name of the restaurant, one cannot help but feel as if they have been teleported to Japan for a brief moment in time.


5.90-DailyPromo Flower-Tea FriedChicken-PotatoCrisps_02 FriedChicken-PotatoCrisps_03 FriedChicken-PotatoCrisps_04 FriedChicken-PotatoCrisps Kitchen_01 Kitchen_02 Kitchen_03 Kitchen_PourSoup Loyalty-Card_02 Loyalty-Card Machine-Suzumo_02 Machine-Suzumo Maki-Boxes Maki-Sushi-Platter Maki-Wall  Menu_01 Menu_02 Salad Salmon-Maki_02 Salmon-Maki-Closeup Salmon-Maki Set-food_02  SoftShellCrab Soup TeriyakiChicken-Meatball-Ramen TeriyakiChicken-Ramen_02 TeriyakiChicken-Ramen_03 TeriyakiChicken-Ramen_Closeup  Wall Zacq-foodtasting


Come on down to MAKIWAY today!

#01-02 of Katong Shopping Centre
– Just turn left at the main entrance and walk all the way straight till you see the Japanese Train Sign!
Open Monday to Sunday, 11am to 9pm (also open on Public Holidays!)
Tel: 6348-8927

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MITJU CRAZY WAREHOUSE SALE @ SCAPE (Level 2, Ground Theatre) : 18 – 20 April 2014 (Fri, Sat, Sun)!

Come on down to the MITJU WAREHOUSE SALE during the weekend (18, 19 and 20 April 2014) at Level 2, The Ground Theatre at SCAPE for crazy offers from as low as $8 for accessories, & $12/20 ($25/$35 for 2 pairs!) for shoes!
– PERFECT for all occasions: the office, night out & party!

A BIG THANK YOU to Crane Han of www.fashrealm.blogspot.com and www.facebook.com/fashrealmme and Michelle of MITJU for this wonderful invite!

For all the vain narcissistic babes like me, you’ll be glad to know that there is also a MITJU Photo booth with pretty props for you to flaunt your beauty and boast about your awesomeness, or simply to let the world know that you are at this cool event and CHECK IN to incite jealousy amongst your girl friends (hehehe…)!


I was shopping so crazily at the launch last night, and I literally SHOPPED TILL I DROPPED!

A HUGE selection of Shoes, Bags (from all sizes, small to big: clutch bags, handbags, purses, totes etc), earrings, belts, sunglasses and more!
– You will certainly NOT wanna leave your best girl friend out of this awesome deal, or she’ll hate you for life, guaranteed.


Just look at my photos of the after math of my shopping – I am one HAPPY GAL! 😀


I had to throw away one BIG BAG of OLD SHOES, just to make way for my new shoes (photo below):



A HAPPY ME, below! :



The Photo Booth & the Lovely Michelle!



My Wonderful New MITJU Shoes & Bags Collection! :

– I got myself 6 pairs of shoes and 2 bags! And I think I’m gonna head down today again to get myself more shoes. I threw away one big bag of old shoes just to make room for my new shoes (see photo of the big bag of my old shoes that I’m throwing away, below)!

(Photo: My bag of Old shoes that I’m throwing away to make room for my new MITJU shoes!)


My HAPPY JOURNEY of Shopping and trying out thousands of shoes aplenty in this mast sea of destruction (in a good way!)!



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Chashu_02 Chashu_03 Chashu_04 Declaration-Board Interior_01 Interior_02 JackNeo Menu_01 Menu_02 Menu_03 Menu_04 Menu_05 Menu_06 Menu_07-Drinks Menu-Cover Noritama_01 Noritama_02 Noritama_03 Noritama_04 Noritama_05 Noritama_06-Noodles Noritama_07-Egg Ramen-Shop_02 Ramen-Shop



We came by the Bariuma Japanese Ramen Restaurant on 7 March 2014.

– Located at UNITED SQUARE, #B1-08 (Novena MRT)

We discovered  that the name ‘Bariuma’ means ‘crunchy, or full of energy’ for the word ‘Bari’, and ‘horse’ for the word ‘uma’.

Now, you may be wondering why such an interesting name was coined for a ramen brand, just like we did. However, my questions were answered the moment we sank our teeth into these delightful strings of handmade ramen when we came by the Bariuma Japanese Ramen Restaurant.

Each strand of noodle was exactly the same thickness and evenly stretched through the skillful handwork of the master chef, and was perfectly elastic, springy and crunchy upon each bite – cooked just right (we do not really fancy soggy noodles, and we absolutely loved this!). The serving of the Nori seaweed was also very generous and spread out at the sides of the bowl like a fan (you can see from the photo). But what got us really excited was the fragrance of the soups and broths the moment the bowls exited from the kitchen (we could smell them from a distance away!).

Indeed, the broths tasted as delicious as they smelt – brewed for hours for that rich flavor from pork and bones! Also, the broths were not too oily, and really palatable to the taste buds and stomach.

We had the signature Noritama-Uma and Chashu-Uma ramen bowls.
We relished in the tender chew of the Chashu pork slices, with just enough fats that melted through the meat. Each serving size was very substantial, and quickly filled us up!

We also found the ‘DECLARATION OF BARIUMA SPIRITS’ signboard very interesting, which read:

1) We will energetically serve hot RAMEN.
2) We will energetically greet with big & cheerful voice.
3) We will energetically provide cheerful service.
4) We will energetically provide brisk service.
5) We will energetically clean up our restaurant till it shines.

WOW! We hardly ever see any other restaurant that puts up such a declaration, which shows their sincerity and seriousness in paying careful attention to quality service and care for its customers. This is certainly one restaurant that puts a smile to my face, especially when I noticed the small little things like the service waiters constantly coming by to check if we needed water refill and other needs.

While you are at Bariuma Japanese Ramen Restaurant, you may also want to try their other side dishes like the Yakitori sticks, Sasami, Butabara, Butanegima, Gyoza, Aburi-Chashu, Hot Stone Salmon/Shrimp, or even have some good old Japanese sake like Kikusui Karakuchi or Chu-hai.
The prices are very reasonable, starting from just $11.90.
You can even choose to opt for Light Soup, if the richer broths are not to your liking (just let the service staff know!).
– There is even a Kid’s Ramen set from just $7.90
– For small eaters, you can also opt for Small Sized Ramen, which costs $2 less (perfect if you want to not waste precious food)!
– The signature Noritama-Uma ramen costs just $16.90, and the Chashu-Uma Ramen costs just $18.90
– Drinks start from just $2.90, and the Chu-hai costs just $8.90. You can get your Japanese sake at $29

We absolutely loved the ramen at Bariuma Japanese Ramen Restaurant, and we are sure that you will too!

So do hop on down to Bariuma Japanese Ramen Restaurant today – Located at UNITED SQUARE, #B1-08 (Novena MRT)

Hello Kitty Pastries By BreadTalk


An avid Hello Kitty fan myself, I was delighted and thrilled at my dream come true at long last – an entire collection of HELLO KITTY pastries in Singapore, FINALLY!

BreadTalk is the exclusive bakery in Singapore that is authorized by Sanrio, Japan to come up with this adorable cutesy & delicious pastry collection of the ever popular beady-eyed white kitten named Hello Kitty.

On 1 August 2013, this Hello Kitty series was launched at all BreadTalk outlets in Singapore, with much fanfare. The popular ‘Kitty in Pink’ mini-sized cake which bears the face of Hello Kitty was instantly wiped out in less than half an hour that it was spotted at the Tiong Bahru Plaza and Toa Payoh Hub outlets (I am sure they were cleared clean off the shelves at the other outlets too!).

Here’s an introduction to the Collection:

Kitty In Pink (S$4.20 each): This pretty-in-pink petite creation consists of an adorable mini tiramisu cake bearing the cute Hello Kitty face that is decorated with chocolate eyes, nose, whiskers and her signature bow.Kitty In Black / Kitty in White (S$1.50 each): Choose between Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate coated donuts sprinkled with rainbow magic sprinklers. We love the cute kitty ears!

Together Forever (S$5.40 for a set): A Black or White packet of delectable vanilla chiffon cake surprise with either dark decadent chocolate spheres and fresh chocolate cream, or creamy white chocolate with chewy colorful marshmallows adorned with dark & white chocolate arches.

Pocket Full of Berries (S$2.50 each): This Hello Kitty silhouette shaped pancake is filled with berry goodness that consists of fresh cream and real raspberries, and stamped with Hello Kitty’s face on it. This tastes really good, and surprisingly light!Image

Kitty Chantily (S$42 each – serves 8 to 10): Wow! 4 different flavors to choose from, and this has now become a popular birthday cake choice for little girls and big girls! The 4 flavors are: Hippy Chic, Kitty in Love, Little Miss Sunshine, and Kitty Next DoorImageImage

Catch your favorite HELLO KITTY mascot at this upcoming HELLO KITTY EVENT, organized by BreadTalk!HELLO KITTY EVENT @ Compass Point Main Atrium
Date: 7 September 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm

Fans can also look forward to the launch of the limited edition Hello Kitty mini mooncakes (retailing at $25 for 4 pieces) on 7 to 10 September 2013 at all BreadTalk stores – it even comes with a cute Hello Kitty carrier!

From 15 August to 1 September 2013, customers who purchase $6 worth of Hello Kitty products can be the lucky 30 to win Hello Kitty photo-taking passes and the limited edition Hello Kitty mooncakes at the Meet & Greet session! For more info, please visit www.breadtalk.com.sg
For more promo & event updates, do follow me at
Facebook page : www.facebook.com/Flip.Leaf.Communications
Instagram: @zacquine

4 FREE TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY – SASA ‘Sweet As Chocolate’ Eye Makeup Demonstration event by K-Palette!


We have 4 Tickets To Giveaway For the SASA ‘Sweet As Chocolate’ Eye Makeup Demonstration event by K-Palette for tomorrow (3 August), 9am – 11am slot.
– All other slots are FULLY BOOKED & Filled up!

To WIN, LIKE our Flip Leaf Communications FB Page

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Email to: admin@flipleafcomm.com
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Today’s the LAST day of registration!
Learn how to get that Runway Model look of Gorgeousness for FREE!
– Limited seats available, so hurry!


Come on over & learn a few tips on makeup with Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup – the makeup that doubles up as a skin care product! Presented by Beauty Mums & Babies. Workshop taught by professional & certified makeup artiste & trainer. Learn how to use makeup to transform you into Gorgeousness, from the office to the evening/party or look your best for that hot date!

Date: 3 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm to 4:30pm
Wellness Xperts, 73 Circular Road, #03-01, S(049437)

Complimentary Door Gifts will be given to every confirmed guest!

FREE entry limited only for the first 20 guests who sign up & confirm their RSVP by 2 August 2013, 3pm, so hurry!
– Bring along a girlfriend / guest to join in the fun!

TO CONFIRM YOUR RSVP, please RSVP through this event page as well as send us an email with your details:

Email to: admin@flipleafcomm.com
– Your full name
– Your mobile number
– Your email address
– Your guest’s name & contact (if any guest)


KOREAN BEAUTY’TesTeu Event at Nail’s D’vine – 13, 14 July 2013

Were you there on 13 and 14 July (Sat & Sun) for our Beauty’TesTeu Korean Beauty Event?


Each guest received a special Goodie Bag with skin care products from LJH and Hankook Cosmetics, Korea.

Each Voting Participant also received a Free Ekanava Lipstick/Eyeshadow or Ossion Lipgloss worth $48 each for each round of voting!

The girls & even guys had fun with the loads of activities, below:

1) Sampling & Voting for the most fave BB Cream
2) Sampling & Voting for the most fave CC Cream
3) Editor’s Choice of Snail Cream sampling
4) LumiOxy Face sculpting
5) Korean Perm Hair Curling
6) Cold/Hot 24K Gold Face Shaping Therapy
7) Anti-Aging Face Therapy

and more!

LIKE the Nail’s D’vine Facebook Page to stay tuned for more updates!



Celebrating 40 Years of Claude Bernard Swiss Luxury Watch – 30 July 2013


Celebrating Claude Bernard’s 40th Anniversary on 30 July 2013, at the Shanghai Dolly!

Hosted by Power 98FM DJ Elliot Danker, it was a night of the RETRO 70’s theme, in remembrance of the good o’l yet turbulent 70’s. The guests were treated to a lavishing spread of buffet dinner, stage games (the lucky winners won Claude Bernard watches and wine glasses!) and a live 70’s band! There was even a award for the Best Dressed 70’s couple, and a much anticipated Lucky Draw (Prizes sponsored by ATOS Wellness and Claude Bernard)!

Our ‘Balloon Couple’ contestant ‘couples’ winners on stage.

The Winner is Couple No. 3, who danced to the Bruce Lee theme song. They win themselves a Claude Bernard watch each. Couples 1 & 2 win for themselves a Claude Bernard wine glass each.

Now our ‘BALLOON COUPLE’ contestants were asked what their occupations are, and here’s what they said:

1) Guy 1 = I’m an INTERN! (DJ Elliot commented on what a good life interns have, with no care in the world!)
2) Gal 1 = I’m a NANNY!
3) Guy 2 = I’m a Human Trafficker
4) Gal 2 = I’m on Facebook 8 Hours a Day
5) Guy 3 = I’m a Slave
6) Gal 3 = I sell DURIANS (DJ Elliot asked her to keep a distance as he hates the smell of durians!)

The Best Dressed ‘Couple’ Competition!

Our winner is Couple No. 2 – they did a very spontaneous dance! Congrats to James See (in White Suit & Pants, and black hat)!

About Claude Bernard:

Claude Bernard was created in 1973 by the Swiss brilliant master watchmaker and visionary, Mr Victor Strambini.

Claude Bernard watches are hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers in Les Genevez, respecting the heritage of Swiss Made watches. Founder Mr Victor Strambini’s vision was to create a precision manufactured Swiss Made watch for people who wanted quality but were not willing to spend a small fortune to obtain it.